Silencing Shim sheet for Brake

2021-01-11 00:16:21 gdmingbao_root

Applications of the brake linings and the silencing sheet structure:

Brake is a component of automobile brake system, which is mainly composed of a brake lining (friction material part) and just back (metal parts), and brake silencing sheet, which is attached to the first sheet on the back, the material useful wove rubber sheet, sheet metal etc.. The main function of brake silencing sheet is to reduce noise during friction.


Noise elimination principle: the sound is produced by a vibrating, brake noise is between the friction plate and the brake disc friction vibration. Of course, only a voice frequency can cause people's attention. Acoustic waves by the friction lining the back strength, there will be a change, by just dorsal to the silencing sheet and there will be a change, layers of resistance, to avoid the resonance to reduce the effects of noise. So the brake silencing sheet sheet is a kind of accessory to reduce or eliminate brake noise. Brake friction piece and a silencing sheet buffer chassis can eliminate the brake noise.


Because the silencing sheet often affected by heat affects the friction, so the heat resistance requirements. The noise reduction materials Ming Bao Technology with excellent performance has been very high appraisal.


JG SPCC N 5040 (common type silencing sheet)

Brake silencing sheet material -- in the cold-rolled steel SPCC surface coated with anti vibration insulation performance of nitrile rubber (NBR), is an important part of the brake system, the main role is to reduce the brake noise.


Metal rubber board brake silencing of the company, on both sides of the metal substrate, NBR rubber superior performance evenly coated with rubber shock insulation, NBR, sliding friction can reduce brake twitter.