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2023-05-16 17:02:26 gdmingbao_root

Red phosphorus Masterbatch has excellent fire retardant properties

These products contain high quantities of elemental phosphorus, which is an effective fire retardant,which is an effective fire retardant, with lower tocicity than the many other fire retaidants, such as halogen and metal hydroxide based fire retardants. Adding even a small amount of this product results in a high level of fire resistant.

Red phosphorus is an outstanding flame retardant, featuring an excellent heat stability and a high fire retardation efficiency. Because traditional red phosphorous easily absorbs moisture and has a poor compatibility with a high polymer material, we utilizes microencapsulated red phosphorous flame retardant powder. By encapsulating it in an organic resin, the compatibility between the red phosphorus and organic resin is improved, and the thermal stability, moisture absorption and resistance to migration of the flame retardant are greatly improved. The microencapsulated red phosphorus features a higher fineness, uniform grain size and excellent dispersion. When used in plastic products, their physical performance won't be influenced. The microencapsulated red phosphorus flame retardant is provided with dust free particles, allowing for higher safety during transportation, storage and application.

Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the development of red phosphorous flame retardant, we will change the formula according to customer requirements. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we guarantee we will do everything possible to meet each of your requirements for flame retardant materials.

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