FKM rubber Compound,precompound,Foam Rubber,FLUOROELASTOMER FOAM, China manufacure

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FKM rubber Compound,FKM precompound,High Performance Foam Rubber [FLUOROELASTOMER FOAM], China manufacure

FKM or fluoroelastomers, is a family of fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer materials defined by ASTM International standard D1418,and ISO standard 1629. It is commonly called fluorine rubber or fluoro-rubber, which are a family of elastomers with resistance to a broad range of chemicals combined with very good high temperature properties.

Specialty types with differing monomer compositions and fluorine content are tailored for superior fluid resistance, low and high temperature performance, and combinations thereof.

Key features

  • Excellent temperature resistance

  • High chemical stability

  • Good weather, aging and oxygen stability

  • Excellent resistance in mineral oils and fats

  • Low gas permeability

  • Very good resistance in non-polar media

  • Temperature range from –55 °C to +250 °C

Chemical Resistance and Stability

The chemical resistance and high temperature stability is due to the bulkiness of the fluorine atoms, shielding the polymer backbone and carbon-fluor bond from attack, and the high bonding energy of the carbon-fluor bond, as illustrated in the following figures. FKMs can normally be used at temperature up to 200 °C for prolonged periods of time. In automotive specifications often lifetimes of at least 5000 h are defined. See further “Heat resistance and thermal stability”.

China Raw FKM rubber materails, We develop FKM compound as clients requirement for molding /injection & extrusion application,Custom made all kinds of FKM Compound with hardness 50-90/various colors for different applications 

FKM Precompound, suppoting application of Orings, Gasket,Oil Seal,Oil hose&Turbocharger hose,High Fluorine grade,Peroxide Grade