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HT-68 screen printing for gasket

HT-68 screen printing material, silicon rubber for gasket, can appoint color

HT-68 Gasket Screen-Paint ((Partial Coating) Dope (Rubber)

Performance characteristics

Ø  We both have good fluidity, so as to ensure the smooth leakage screen coating, and have certain thixotropic, the print is not flowing, clear boundary, to maintain the required thickness.

Ø  Delayed gelling properties - unique. Adding curing agent prepared coating in a long time the viscosity change is not big, but after screen printing and can fast curing, good maneuverability.

Ø  Rubber after curing, moderate hardness, good elasticity, high strength, good bonding strength with the substrate, so as to ensure the products with excellent sealing performance.

Ø  The high temperature resistance, oil resistance, can be used for a long time at the temperature of -60~200 DEG C.

Ø  We introduce the special molecular structure of chemical substances in the screen printing coating, screen printing glue can not be cured because of adhesion and the emergence of superimposed together phenomenon.


Typical applications

Motorcycle cylinder pad, pad twice sealing, especially suitable for various thin gasket materials.





Before vulcanization





Paste, acording to the requirements of color

Light yellow or red transparent liquid

Viscosity at 25 Celsius Degree



Mixing ratio

100:4(3~5) proportion by weight

After vulcanization

Tensile strength



Shore A hardness



Working temperature

Celsius Degree


Note: HT-68B is Summer-type curing agent;  HT-68BC is Winter-type curing agent.


Method of use:

1, Mix HT-68 and HT-68B/68BC curing agent according to the proportion of 100:10 blending evenly for screen printing operation. (when the temperature is higher than 15 DEG C, we recommend HT-68B curing agent; when the temperature is lower than 15 DEG C, we recommend HT68BC curing agent.)

2. Higher environment temperature or increasing the dosage of the curing agent, it will speed up the curing, and operation time will shorter. Conversely, if the ambient temperature is low or reduce the dosage of the curing agent, the operation time is prolonged; It may be appropriate to join the n-butanol or 200# gasoline solvent for dilution, the dilution ratio is recommended for (5~20)%.

3. It can be placed at room temperature for 96 hours to make it fully cured, or by higher temperature(130 Degree Celsius) in 1 hours to accelerate curing(before heating, please put it in room temperature till the surface is dry to touch). Heating accelerated curing is helpful to improve the bonding strength of imprinting.



1. There will be a little stratification for HT-68 coatings after a period of time, should stir well before use.

2. The amount of HT-68B/68BC curing agent can not be too small, otherwise it will cure not complete, not even cure.

3.Heating accelerated curing, if the surface is not dry to touch, may cause the stencil traces of foaming, deformation.