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Metal Composite coating HT-D610 high temperature resistant boron nitridec dope

HT-D610 high temperature resistant boron nitride coatings((spray coating process, temperature resistance 1000 degrees Celsius)Specifications:ItemUnitHT-168 DataBefore vulcanizationComponentSingle comp

HT-D610 high temperature resistant boron nitride coatings

(spray coating process, temperature resistance 1000 degrees Celsius)





HT-168 Data

Before vulcanization


Single component


white fluid

Solid content




(coating 4, 25)



After vulcanization

Heat resistance


No blistering, no shedding or no any other defects on the surface.





Single component, easy to operate

Good thixotropic performance, good adhesion, smooth surface;

No primer required, resistant to high temperature 900, fuel resistant, and various chemical media.


Method of use

1Before spraying., the metal substrate should be degreasing, rust removing, sand blasting, passivation or oxidation treatment, wash and dry it.

2The glue must be stirred evenly before spraying,then filter it with a 200-mesh filter. It is recommended to add the appropriate amount of ethylene glycol butyl ether or butyl acetate as diluent.

3After coating, Dry the surface of the sprayed material into the oven for solidification. Curing conditions: 250℃×60 minutes.


Packaging and storage

This product is packed in plastic buckets, placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place, away from the fire source, and the storage period is 6 months. If it exceeds the shelf life, it can be used after passing the process test.



1The glue will settle during storage. Stir and filter before use.

2The film thickness of the test piece should be controlled within 0.035mm. Place the test piece into the test furnace. After it rises to 1000°C, keep it at this temperature for 10 minutes. Put on heat-insulating gloves and use tweezers to take out the test piece. , check whether it bubbles or falls off after natural cooling.