HT-168 molybdenum disulfide friction reducing Coatings temperature resistant 450 degree

HT-168 molybdenum disulfide friction reducing Coating Glue,High and low temperature resistance,(-20℃~500℃),single ingredient,Free primer, good adhesion to metal ,Suitable for locomotive exhaust pipe gasket Roller coating, or spraying

HT-168 molybdenum disulfide friction reducing Coating Glue



HT-168 Data




Black gray viscous fluid

Solid content






Heat resistance


There is no peeling, blistering, cracking or

other defects on the surface.






High and low temperature resistance,-20℃~500℃),single ingredient

Free primer, good adhesion to metal

Suitable for locomotive exhaust pipe gasket

Roller coating, or spraying


Method of use

1Before coating, the metal substrate should be degreasing, rust removing, sand blasting, passivation or oxidation treatment.

2The glue must be stirred evenly before spraying. It is recommended to use a high-speed stirrer with a speed of 900 rpm and stir for more than 10 minutes. The customer can add the appropriate amount of ethyl acetate or butyl acetate as diluent.

3After coating, the metal with molybdenum disulfide may be naturally dried in air firstly, then transferred to an oven for curing. Curing conditions: 200×30 minutes.


Packaging and storage

This product is packed in plastic buckets, placed in a cool, ventilated, dry place, away from the fire source, and the storage period is 6 months. If it exceeds the shelf life, it can be used after passing the process test.




1Due to the large proportion of molybdenum disulfide powder, there will be stratification after a period of time, so the coatings needs to be stirred evenly before use, and the remaining material can be recycled after use, but it must be sealed and stored in a dry, cool place.

2After adding with diluent, the solid content of the coating is reduced and the thickness of the coating film may be affected. Therefore, the test should be conducted before the addition.

3Coatings and hardeners are flammable and hazardous materials. Please care for the danger  during use.