Machinery Rubber Coating

Intelligent Product Line/Machine of Rubber Coating Metal

Product Line, machine for rubber coating metal, we offer perect solution for rubber coating metal of small and middle size.

Intelligent Product Line/Machine of Rubber Coating Metal


Metal composite rubber metal is stainless steel as the substrate, the surface by chemical treatment and rubber composite material, mainly by metal material and rubber coating composition. The rubber coating at present are mainly to nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) and fluorine rubber (FKM), rubber coating quality and thickness is mainly determined in composite application and the use of occasions, can also coated foam, wove style, ice style, and so on a variety of forms.


Production Line:

Main steps of rubber coating are mainly included:

- steel cleaning

- the chemical pretreatment

- drying

- primer

- coating metal with rubber at single or double side

- vulcanization

- surface coating or other treatment

- tail gas(waste) treatment

1) Small and medium coating production line, can according to customer sites and the use of the demand, the formation of semi-automatic or fully automatic coating production line, according to the coating method can be divided into or part coated, single or double coating, can also be coated with a good cylinder pad or stamping.

2) Coil coating production line, is the rolling of the roll of the continuous coating, suitable for mass production.



We have developed the coating production line for small and medium factories to share know-how process technology of rubber coating, and also provide online technical support services via internet.

1)        Internet online service, sharing know-how process technology, online guidance of rubber coating.

A) Know-how process is synchronized to the smart production line via Internet, the factory can quickly use the most mature technology to produce, using the most matching materials, the latest technology

B) Smart production line equipped with video cameras, in need of guidance, expert remote guidance.

2)        One stop purchase material and Product diversification

A) we offer needed materials and know-how process technices, which can make high quality product.

3)        process know-how technices optimization, high efficiency of learning and prodction

A) factories in time to synchronize the new process of production through internet, smart product line.

B) high production efficiency and reduce material consumption

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